Alcohol – What to drink and what to avoid

Being on holiday can be challenging when the booze is flowing. Actually I rarely drink but what can we drink when the occasion demands it?

The following drinks are best from the point of view of limiting calorie intake:


The Good

Scotch on the rocks

Tequila plus obligatory line of salt (make sure it is salt guys and not another substance or else Jose the jailer will torture you for all eternity)

Jagerbombs but replacing the red bull with a calorie free version

Vodka, soda and lime

Cuba Libra replacing the coke with diet coke

Any wine

As you can see the key is spirits or wines and using mixers with an absence of sugar.


The Okay



White Russian


The Bad

Piña Coladas

Beer in excess

Strawberry Daiquiri

To understand why the above are rated as they are is simple. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram of alcohol but alcohol itself cannot be stored as body fat. Rather, it is the concomitant intake of carbohydrates and fat which causes the fat gain attributed to alcohol. Because the body must burn off all alcohol ingested any additional calories in the form of carbohydrates and fat will have a greater chance to be stored as fat.

If you still have a craving for a Piña Colada, follow the strategies outlined in our article on cheat meals and limit calorie intake beforehand.

One final thing – do not worry about any negative impact on hormone levels of alcohol or on overall health. Moderate drinking is associated with better health than complete abstinence and if you avoid overeating on the day, alcohol’s potent thermogenic and diuretic effect could actually lead you waking up leaner after a few drinks. For the unabashed hedonistic hardcore bodybuilders try a day of eating extremely low fat and carbs and high protein and then drinking. Even if you get wasted you may be pleasantly surprised that you wake up looking rather lean assuming you stick to the good drinks above and not the bad!


Author: Reggie Johal

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