New research shows OxyElite Pro is safe and effective

New medical studies have confirmed that when used according to the label instructions, supplements containing 1, 3 dimethylamylamine are both safe and effective for improving body composition.

These studies performed on the USP Labs supplement, OxyElite Pro, were performed at a leading US research university and are broken down as follows:


Study 1 – OxyElite Pro

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial (1) showed OxyElite Pro increased fatty acid breakdown and energy expenditure in a group of exercise trained individuals of both sexes. Free fatty acid lipolysis increased by 92% in men and 68% in women while energy expenditure increased by an average of 9% and 24% respectively.


OxyElite Pro

Study 2 – Oxyelite Pro

While the first study on OxyElite Pro only measured its effects over the course of a single bout of exercise, our second study (2) assessed its effects over an eight week span and was designed to test both its effectiveness and safety when used for a prolonged period.


Methods: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial was used in the study, providing greater validity to the results. A group of 32 exercise trained individuals consumed either OxyElite Pro or a placebo every day for eight weeks. Body weight and body composition were assessed as well as measuring a range of health markers such as blood pressure and serum lipid levels.


Results: The group consuming OxyElite Pro noticed significant decreases in appetite, body weight and body fat. Men experienced an average loss of 1.16% body fat while women experienced an average 0.8% decline in body fat percentage. Average appetite scores while consuming OxyElite Pro declined by an average of 24%


Conclusion: The researchers concluded that OxyElite Pro can assist in weight and body fat loss in exercise trained subjects and that it did not result in negative rises in blood pressure or associated markers of safety.


Author: Reggie Johal



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  2. McCarthy (2011): Biochemical and Anthropometric Effects of a Weight Loss Dietary Supplement in Healthy Men and Women

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