Breaking News: Protein to be subjected to VAT!

Anyone who has been following us on Facebook or seen our previous posts relating to the MHRA will have seen that we have been warning consumers to stand up for their rights or else see them trampled over by government bodies such as the MHRA. I urged retailers to join together and make a concerted effort to combat these diktats. A combination of consumer and industry pressure might have gotten somewhere. Instead, with a few notable exceptions we were met with apathy and voices urging us to keep quiet. Some retailers being so stupid presumably that they thought the MHRA would stop with us (which has already been shown not to be the case).

Anywa, it is late on Tuesday night now and I can reveal that tomorrow’s budget will announce that VAT will be added to the price of protein drinks. Previously, protein powders and ready to drinks had been exempt from sales tax due to them being classed as foods but the government will tomorrow be unveiling in their budget that this is to end putting protein products in line with other European countries where they are taxed but with the kicker  that in the UK they will be taxed at 20%. That means your £40 protein will now cost £48 if the tax includes protein powder and not just RTD’s. My source is unclear on exactly what will be covered by the tax but says it will include drinks. Unsure if that means ready to drinks or all protein powders which when mixed become a drink. She does say though that it is likely to include protein powders as they are consumed as drinks and remarked it would be illogical if only one or the other was taxed.

What can we say really except that the apathy shown in failing to register protests with MP’s over the MHRA action, and failing to get the petition to overturn the ban on herbals signed in sufficient amounts only shows to government that the sports nutrition industry is one which can safely be targeted as the vast majority of its users or companies do nothing at all to make their voices heard.

The only silver lining is the introduction of this new tax will be delayed until October so I advise you all to stock up on protein until then!

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Reggie Johal is a former Great Britain American Football player and the founder of Predator Nutrition. He has a strong background in strength and fitness coaching with articles published in Flex and other leading online and print magazines.

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Protein to be subjected to VAT!

  1. Taxing those of us who are committed to a healthy, disciplined lifestyle and who are dramatically less likely to use NHS resources throughout our lives. What a sensible, progressive idea! Idiots.

  2. They dont get enough money from us as we are to healthy, dont smoke dont drink so they tak what we do need, its a discrace as if you can say protein is not a food item.

  3. presumably there will be a general heading in which protein powder comes under.for which VAT will be applied
    I just carnt see the Chancellor singling out protein powder in his speech when he will be talking about excise duty , capital gains tax , fuel duty, ni contributions , stamp duty , personal allowances , savings and investments.

    i might be wrong but when you look at the other issues, it seems trivial

  4. I think it may only be for ready to drink products. It isn’t illogical to tax one and not the other as your source suggests as RTDs are clearly more of a luxury than the powder.

  5. So now public health will suffer indirectly through another hair brained scheme from the government!!
    Next time we are in hospital and need a high protein diet to help us recover and they make you drink protein drinks and sprinkle protein powder on everything the health service is going to have to pay more to buy the stuff, where does the money come from for that, or do we just sack a few doctors, that’s usually how we solve problems, sack people, remove public services!!
    We’ll probably need the NHS when we have poorer health cause we can’t afford proteins etc..
    The world has gone mad!!

      • This is a VERY salient point indeed – Lets see if the government would tax high fat & high sugar food products – and INDEED Pre Packaged Ready Meals – these are a Luxury often associated with obesity and high blood pressure and all the associated health burdon to the NHS

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