Update on supplement VAT increase

By now you will be familiar with the introduction of tax on all previously untaxed sports supplements including all protein powders, weight gainers, pre-workouts, post workouts and creatine supplements. If not, we urge you to familiarise yourself with the fact by viewing our previous blog posts at the link below.




If you don’t want to pay an extra 20% on your supplements then we urge you to stand up for your rights and show your support . There are a number of ways that you can help fight this VAT increase:


1. Sign the petition online at the link below:




2. The newest weapon in the fight against VAT are the recently developed postcards.

A band of industry experts and companies have gathered together to produce a postcard that can be sent to your local MP. To have an impact, we need to get over 100 cards to every MP so we should aim for 1 million in total. That sounds huge but if broken down into bite sized chunks then it can and must be done. We are currently getting postcards printed and will include them in all orders. Please do use these as your help really does count!


3. Send a letter/email to your local MP

As well as sending a postcard you can also send an email/ letter directly to your MP. How to contact your local MP Find your local MP and register your disapproval to them. They are required by law to write back.




We urge you all to send a letter to your MP or to HMRC to help the cause. There is a sample letter below you can use below although we suggest adapting it to make it individual to your own situation and viewpoint.



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