Putting HIIT Into Action

Our ongoing article series comparing HIIT with cardio really got my attention. As a semi-regular gym goer (3-4 times a week) I have got myself into a very stale pattern, in terms of cardiovascular work.


HIIT vs Cardio


I usually get on the treadmill, do a short warm up, then just plod along at a steady state speed. If I am honest with myself, I never venture out of my comfort zone. I often get quite bored running  at  steady state, meaning I end up quitting before reaching an adequate exercise duration which is why I thought I should give some HIIT a bash! So, here is my plan. I am going to replace my existing ‘cardio’ sessions with some hardcore HIIT blasts. I plan to do the following;


5 minute warm up
30 seconds sprint
1 minute rest
Repeat this x 10


I will do this for my next few sessions at the gym and report back with my findings.

Keep an eye on this blog for my update soon.


Author: David Rowse


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