Are personal trainers worth the money?

Off the back of our recent male and female celebrity body transformation articles and considering how extreme some of the transformations were, it certainly got me wondering whether celebrities looking to shape up have it easier than us normal folk. They may or may not have more free time to devote to training than the rest of us, but surely the extra money allows for a top-notch personal trainer to cover the essentials of their training and nutritional regime, allowing the celebrity to simply turn up, train hard and the results will follow naturally, right?


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Clearly the above statement is based on the assumption that these celebrities didn’t just wake up one day and decide to smash the gym without any assistance… they had a personal trainer nipping at their heels the whole way. Whether this is true or not, we can never know for sure in every case, but the real question I wanted to examine was whether or not personal trainers are actually worth the money for those of us who don’t live thecelebrity lifestyle.

I think the answer here depends on three key situational factors:



1.    Who is the personal trainer?
Anyone with experience of personal trainers will know that their knowledge and skill levels can vary hugely. Nobody should sign up with a personal trainer without first finding out a bit about their background and experience level. Handing over money to the first low-level trainer who tries to snap you up is a sure fire way to burn a hole in your pocket, never mind potentially increasing your injury risk and hindering your results. That being said, there are a number of excellent personal trainers out there who really know their stuff and can provide top quality training and dietary advice to help you achieve your desired goals. The key here is to do some research before committing yourself.


2.    Can you afford it?
Ask yourself if you can genuinely afford it and if the reward is worth it. Depending on your financial situation, it could be the best money you ever spent but if things are tight then spending £20/hour four times/week on top of your gym fee is probably not the wisest idea. If you are tight for cash but need some advice or motivation to get you on the right track, consider seeing a personal trainer just once a week. Hopefully this won’t break the bank but will allow for set goals every week. Weigh and/or measure yourself in front of the trainer every week for added motivation.


3.    Are you lacking motivation?
If so, employing a personal trainer can be extremely useful but we would ask you to remind yourself why you’re there to start with. If you genuinely struggle with free time and haven’t got a clue where to start then certainly some personal trainer sessions should set you on track. Of course, nothing can compare to the verbal encouragement of a physical person spurring you on and pushing you to the max but there are several other methods you can employ to help increase your motivation and knowledge levels. Firstly, check out our article on gym motivation if you find yourself struggling on that front and secondly, try to educate yourself on nutrition and training as much as possible. For those days where you’re feeling tired and lacking enthusiasm, you may wish to try a pre-workout supplement for that added energy rush you need to make the most out of your gym session.


Author: Hassan Muzaffar


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