Jodie Marsh brings out supplement line

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you will probably have seen some recent pictures of former glamour model Jodie Marsh and her impressive transformation into competitive bodybuilder. The pictures drew a mixed response from the public but here at Predator we think Jodie has done a fantastic job with such a quick transformation and we are pleased to see that she has continued her training since then. Jodie’s first step into the bodybuilding world was at the Natural Physique Association Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am bodybuilding championships in Sheffield last year where she achieved a 5th place finish. Since then Jodie’s training has gone from strength to strength and she recently took to Washington DC to compete in the Natural North American Bodybuilding Championships. Jodie actually placed first in the Women’s Fit Body Category, which was run by the INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation).


Jodie Marsh Bodybuilding



Off the back of this success, Jodie has announced the launch of her new supplement line, JSTJodie this week. The news of the launch has been met with some scepticism, however here at Predator we are definitely in favour of it. To have someone with such a large fan base supporting a healthy lifestyle can only be a good thing in our point of view and we hope it will inspire more women around the country to start training. Admittedly, when you first hear of a celebrity hitting the sports nutrition market, you do automatically question the legitimacy of the products but at closer inspection, the range does seem to cater for all needs including a pre-workout, fat burner and various protein powders and weight gain products. Interestingly, the pre-workout product has hit the headlines for containing DMAA, which is banned for competition, but Jodie’s team have confirmed that she doesn’t use this. Whilst some may see this as a questionable addition to the range, there is no doubting the performance benefits from DMAA so we can certainly understand its inclusion.


It will be interesting to see how far Jodie’s venture into the supplement world will go but given the determination shown in her bodybuilding efforts, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is here for a good while. For those who want to follow Jodie’s journey on TV, you can catch her in the upcoming show, Brawn in the USA, which promises to feature Jodie’s training and dietary regime with appearances from several high-profile bodybuilders . The show airs on DMAX on Wednesday June 20th.


Will we be seeing the JST range at Predator Nutrition you might ask? Well, we will certainly monitor the brand and see how Jodie promotes it and what customers think.


Author: Rosie Smith


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  1. Top marks to Jodie for keeping up with the training, I have had a look at jstjodie and and as mentioned in the article its good that someone with such a large following is promoting healthy living and the sport, however I do feel that the products are very over priced eg take a product that costs £50 add fancy packaging and stick a famous name on = £20 extra thank you very much.

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