What is the most important determinant of fat loss?

We recently ran a nutrition roundtable with some of the brightest minds in the industry including such luminaries as Layne Norton, Borge Fagerli and Alan Aragon. I thought people would find it interesting to see us tackle the questions ourselves.

When it comes to fat loss I pretty much covered ever conceivable obstacle when it comes to fat loss in our dieting without losing muscle mass article. Suffice it to say that while the details and intricacies surrounding hormonal optimisation, choosing the right training plan, manipulating macronutrient intake according to training requirements and choosing the right supplements will count for a good deal, nothing, and I do mean nothing, will ever trump the basic physiological reality that you need to expend more calories on a given day than you consume. You can consume a diet of chicken and broccoli and if you overeat and take in more than you burn off you will get fat.

Do not think that any fancy tricks related to nutrient timing, intermittent fasting, or use of an array of supplements can overcome this basic fact. While the minutiae of dieting can be fascinating to bodybuilders we run the risk of losing sight of the wood for the trees when we focus on details too much. I have lost count of all the people who have told me over the years that they are doing everything right in terms of the kinds of foods they consume, the amount of training, the quantity and quality of sleep,  and yet still be unable to lose any weight whatsoever. At this point you often get the usual excuses of people having slow metabolisms, big bones, underactive thyroid, discovering intolerances to foods, or a classic of some gurus, determining that particular foods are causing them to hold water or adversely affect their hormone levels.

Without a shadow of a doubt, all these people would lose body fat if they burnt off more energy than they consumed. There are no magical foods that burn fat despite what diet authors might have you believe, nor are there any foods that will make you guaranteed to turn into a lardbucket.


Lesson 1 – You can only lose fat by burning off more calories in a day than you take in.


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