How much protein do you recommend when dieting? Can essential amino acids be superior for protein synthesis compared to whole proteins?

When it comes to dieting it is important that protein intake is increased to help to offset some of the catabolic effects of dieting.

When we put our body into a negative energy balance we run a much greater risk of seeing our muscle tissue being broken down and used as a fuel source if protein is not sufficient. I would suggest a level of protein that works to not just meet the cellular needs of the body but also can act to inhibit appetite and increase thermogenic action while dieting.

While protein is used for building muscle mass, its secondary effects in suppressing appetite and requiring more calories to process, makes a higher than average protein intake a useful dieting aid to ensure compliance. I usually suggest 1.5g per pound of bodyweight for dieters.

Can essential amino acids combined with carbs provide a similar benefit? In theory yes, but that overlooks the secondary effects of protein in naturally suppressing appetite. My personal view is to use essential amino acids or branched chain amino acids between meals and around the workout period especially. From a lot of trial and feedback we have seen a reduction in soreness and increased wellbeing in athletes who supplement with these around the workout period.

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