Fitness Friday: Weekly Health & Fitness Round-Up

Exercise-related stories are usually great fodder for the media.

And each week we aim to bring you the pick of the online articles from the last seven days that range from the entertaining to the educational.  

Check out what caught our eye this week….

There’s nothing quite like a punchy headline to grab your attention – and this one from an American blog certainly did precisely that!

Research from the University of Cordoba in southern Spain has found that men who do “moderate physical exercise” have better hormone levels and improved sperm quality as a result.

Interestingly, the same scientists did a study in 2010 that revealed that the sperm quality of waterpolo players and triathletes was lower when compared to men who are moderately active.

So it seems there’s a fine between exercising and exercising too much when it comes to sperm quality levels. 

If there’s one thing that teenagers like to do it’s sitting around doing very little, right? Okay, so that’s probably not the case, but a proportion of teens will lead a very lazy lifestyle.

A lack of regular exercise, whether due to long periods of studying or sheer idleness, can cause osteoporosis, a condition where bones become thin and weak.

But teenagers have been told this week that playing sports like basketball, football, netball or running for a minimum of three hours a week could reduce the chances of developing bone problems. 

A well-known chain of gyms has found itself under close scrutiny after failing to provide a sign language interpreter to help one of their deaf members communicate with a personal trainer.

The gym chain defended the decision, stating to Croydon Today that the “cost of the service in question outweighs the membership fee”, but the individual countered by claiming they had ignored equality law.

No doubt rival gyms will have taken notice of the controversy surrounding the topic and will be keen to avoid similar PR disasters. 

Those Christmas parties are fast approaching; meaning many of us will be going the extra mile to beat the bulge over the next few weeks.

That could be trying a new diet, but it may be best to avoid the food regimes that made Yahoo’s top five worst diets of 2012.

The list includes the Dukan (eating only particular food groups in phases), Six weeks to OMG (replace vegetables with fizzy drinks) and KEN (no fibre, laxatives needed) diets.

Forget all those and get on the ‘Bowering diet’ of plenty of sweat and tears down the gym!


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