Fitness Friday: Weekly Health & Fitness Round-Up

Much of the focus of the world’s media this week has been trained on London’s King Edward VII Hospital following the emergence of a one particular health story involving Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Away from all the hype surrounding the royal baby, though, there have been plenty of far more interesting articles to have surfaced online over the past seven days related to fitness and healthy living.

Here is a selection of the stories you may have missed…

It’s probably at this time of the year that the keen runners among you start planning for 2013 and plotting which races you fancy competing in.

If you need inspiration then why not follow in the footsteps of Andrew Murray?

Murray hit the headlines this week when he completed an astonishing seven ultra-marathons on seven continents in less than seven days. The challenge started in the Antarctic before the Edinburgh doctor jetted to Chile, Atlanta, London, Cairo, Dubai and Sydney, running a total of 31 miles at each destination.

That’s a total of 217 miles with less than 11 hours sleep and a hell of a lot of air miles clocked up. 

“My body feels absolutely wrecked,” admitted Murray to the Daily Telegraph. 

Certain celebrities are no strangers to extreme fluctuations in weight – take Kelly Osbourne, for example. 

The daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne seems to struggle to main a constant weight and is currently looking very trim.

What’s the secret to her success? Well, we got a hint of one of the tactics she uses on Twitter this week when she suggested eating cinnamon to help resist the urge to snack on unhealthy snacks.

Interesting theory – anyone fancy putting it to the test?  

Sticking on the theme of celebs and their waistlines, Hugh Jackman revealed he went 36 hours without food and drink to look gaunt for his new role in Les Miserables.

Jackman did it to lose fat quickly and dropped 20lbs initially with the tactic, which he told The Sun was “a bodybuilder trick which can give you sunken cheeks and sunken eyes”.

Many parents struggle to get their kids active, but that’s not a problem facing the family of Brandon Phillips, a six-year-old who is believed to have set a new record for the youngest person to gain a black belt in kickboxing.

Phillips trains an astonishing five times a week and is beating children nearly double his age in sparring sessions.

The Dorset youngster could be one to watch in the future if he continues to show such incredible dedication at such a young age – you heard his name here first!

Finally, if you fancy a change from exercising in your local gym then why not pop down your nearest church and try your hand at bell ringing?

Ringing the bells can burn up to 70 calories in 30 minutes, according to an article in the Daily Mirror.


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