The Gym Is My Mistress

Family, work, traveling, socializing…the list is endless, which makes me wonder when I am going to able to fit in what I have a true passion for, the gym and training. So eventually when that has been fitted in to today’s schedule I then have my other half suggesting we have an unhealthy, not nutritious never the less tasty takeaway. But with all these distractions in most peoples everyday life along with other important focuses how are we expected to ever reach and exert ourselves to full potential with all these externalities affecting what we are trying to achieve physically, aesthetically and health wise.

Even when it seems I get the spare hour needed it seems the other areas and aspects in my life feel like I’m neglecting them. Life sometimes has to be about compromise and making the best of every situation…This may mean sacrificing certain things in life to improve on others. So instead of spending an hour at the gym you could look to use German volume or Tabata training in order to reduce the time your there or maybe even hit both shoulders and chest on the same day. The alternatives are endless,even nutritionally when the other half suggests a Chinese takeaway next time I might order chicken and green peppers in black bean (no MSG of course) and boiled rice, I suppose its not too nutritionally detrimental to my life and saves a long winded explanation as to why I eat what I eat.

However, when I sit down and reflect at the whole situation it begs the question, are you really “playing away” with your mistress by dedicating yourself to the gym or are you actually cheating yourself?

Rates of obesity in the UK along with costs to the NHS due to ill health from weight related diseases are constantly on the rise, even though the nutrition and fitness market are growing, along with the knowledge and availability of it to people. This begs the question why people still seem to choose fast food and unhealthy choices, at least without it being an exception to a usually healthy diet or/and exercise regime. I’m not saying we need a nation of Ronnie Coleman look alike but for the level of health and awareness to increase globally. With the quality of supplements, food, gyms and general knowledge it comes down to pure laziness in my opinion.

Even for people who are low on income or even available time (most of us falling into this bracket) in one way or another could consider plyometrics at home, or even a chin up bar to mix in with a bit of variation. As for cardio, you could always try the old school Rocky approach and take to the roads, a slow stated cardiovascular workout walking to work or taking the kids to school all have major health benefits in the long run.

So maybe next time you feel the gym is your mistress, look at the bigger picture. In the long run if you focus on “your mistress” a bit more now, you may be around a bit longer to focus on everything else.

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