Six epic rock tunes you should add to your gym playlist

Creating the perfect gym playlist is tricky.

The last thing you want is to get distracted when a naff tune comes on just as you’re attempting a big lift or in the middle of lung-busting run on the treadmill.

Mixing the types of music you listen during a training session should ensure you don’t get bored of listening to one genre.

Previously, we’ve blogged about how music can affect your workout – and now we’ve got put together a shortlist of rock songs packed with killer riffs and heavy bass lines that we think could help to push you that little bit further in the gym. 

AC/DC – Back In Black 

As soon as the iconic Back In Black bass line kicks in, you immediately start nodding your head and feeling awesome. Okay, the sight of grown men in shorts in the video is a little unsettling, but the AC/DC lads know how to construct music that’ll get your heart pumping.

Metallica – I Disappear  

A couple of Metallica tunes could easily have got the nod here and been included in the list, but I Disappear is simply outstanding. If you’re a film fan and it sounds familiar then that’s because it was used in the Mission: Impossible II soundtrack. It’s fast paced, the video is spectacular and it’s just foot-stompingly superb. 

Foo Fighters – Times Like These  

Dave Grohl just oozes class. The Foo Fighters are great at producing tunes like Times Like These that just grab from the off. There’s a nice dose of drums, a catchy chorus and riffs that stick in your head – it’s pretty much the perfect anthemic rock tune. 

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army  

If you, like me, are still struggling to come to terms with former X-Factor contestant Marcus Collins butchering  Seven Nation Army last year then it’s time to give the original another listen.It’s just under four minutes of rock genius.Who knew that just two people could make this much noise? Class. 

Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow


More magic fromGrohl, this time on the drums with Queens Of The Stone Age. It’s a pretty rapid rock tune at just over three minutes – and it certainly packs a punch. No One Knows deserves an honorary mention as well if you fancy filling your MP3 player with heavy hit after heavy hit. 

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name 

Hands up who downloaded this in 2009 to stop X-Factor winner Joe McElderry from taking the coveted Christmas number one spot? Nice work if you did! It’s impossible not to like this song. End of.

 So, that’s our list of rock songs that are ideal for the gym. What tunes get you going before, during and after a big session?  

Mark Bowering  Mark Bowering forms part of the Predator Nutrition marketing team and has a background in sports journalism. You can follow Mark on Twitter to keep up with his latest tweets.

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3 thoughts on “Six epic rock tunes you should add to your gym playlist

  1. I love film soundtracks. The following come to mind:
    Ironman (Because its all AC DC)
    Rocky (Obviously)
    Terminator 2
    Your the best (Karate Kid)
    Superman theme.

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