Five Health & Fitness Stories You May Have Missed

Following an extended Christmas of eating too many sprouts, drinking too many glasses of sherry and having to endure every Shrek film on TV over the festive period, our weekly look at health and fitness stories making headlines around the world is back.

Many people dread the return to work – and more importantly the return to the gym – following the excesses of Xmas and January is a long and arduous month.

Fortunately, it has been and gone and here are some of the stories to have caught our eye over the last seven days.  


Easier 2

How are you feeling right now? If the answer to that question is okay then today is one of only 61 days this year that you’ll feel fit and healthy.

This stat comes courtesy of research conducted by Spire Bristol Hospital that found that one in four people are constantly hampered by one or more ailment or injury that is unresolved.

After quizzing 2,000 people, the investigation revealed that the average person on an annual basis catches the flu once, faints once, suffers one nosebleed, sustains pulled muscles twice, gets four colds, has two blisters and gets cramps five times. And the list goes on and on.



If you spend long periods of time down the gym then you should probably read the feature in Men’s Fitness about the germs that lurk in everywhere from your bag to the water fountain.

The main health problems that you could suffer from are cold/flu and fungal and wart virus, with advice from the experts on how to avoid these ranging from never training in the same pair of unwashed socks twice to investing in an antimicrobial gym bag.  



Here’s a headline that’s bound to grab your attention for obvious reason. The original story was reported in the Daily Mail, but the NHS were quick to point out that the study that led to such claims was actually carried out on mice.

Researchers used sildenafil (Viagra) and found that it caused “white fat” tissues to look like brown tissue that generate heat from fat and in theory lead to weight loss. It goes without saying it’s probably best to avoid trying this yourself and instead stick to more traditional methods in the battle against the bulge. 


Telegraph 2

Healthy eating is a big issue here in the UK. Whole generations are now being fuelled on a daily basis by sugary drinks, processed foods and a diet of takeaway after takeaway.

Having a cheat meal is one thing – check out our post on cheat meal strategies if you haven’t already – but people essentially living off them day in, day out is alarming.

Telegraph journalist Sally Peck is the latest to call for a tax on junk food and more to be done to bring down the price of fresh fruit and vegetables, something that Predator Nutrition founder Reggie Johal is also passionate about.

BakersfieldBakersfield 2

More and more women-only gyms seem to be popping up to cater for those female fitness fanatics that probably want a little more privacy when they work out.

That’s totally understandable, but one women-only gym in California has caused outrage among its members by allowing a man to join. Total Woman Fitness Center in Bakersfield has 2,000 female members and one male.

The reason for this sudden U-turn? Single-sex gyms are actually illegal in California. It’ll be interesting to see if more men now try to become members. 

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