Twitter: Five must-follow health and fitness accounts for women

Social networks are a huge part of everyone’s lives – so why not use them to help you in your health and fitness regime?

Last week we focussed on the five best Twitter accounts for men who take exercise regularly and now we turn the spotlight on the five Twitter profiles for women that are perfect to help you stay motivated, get fit, and live life to the full.

#1 Women’s Health Mag

With over 1.3 million followers, Women’s Health Mag is the must follow health and fitness account for inspiration and tips.

Tweeting everything from awesome new workout playlists to motivation to get off that sofa, it is ideal for beginners and fitness fanatics alike.

#2 Health Magazine

One of the most popular women’s fitness accounts on Twitter, Health Magazine tweets something for everyone, making it a great account to follow no matter your aim.

Whether you want brighter skin, healthier recipes, or fresh new moves to spice up your workout, Health Magazine has it covered.

#3 Women’s Health Fitness

This fitness-only account linked with Women’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Fitness is your direct access to nothing but the best workout tips.

With Moves of the Day, inspirational quotes, awesome playlists and month-by-month fitness goals, there’s no more excuses for avoiding your perfect workout.

#4 Women’s Fitness

Women’s Fitness is the definitive motivational tool for your online workout programme.

Feeling lazy? Women’s Fitness will get you going again with no-nonsense quotes and inspiration to motivate everyone before, during and after your workout.

#5 Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness & Nutrition is your comprehensive account for everything health and fitness. Posting regular tips on a daily basis, they say it how it is to get you moving!

From mantras to help you put down that doughnut, to inspirational accounts of achievements, there is nothing Fitness & Nutrition don’t cover in the world of women’s health.

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