Furious Melons Craze Coming Soon

Predator Nutrition is happy to report that the next seasonal exclusive flavour has been announced. This will be a world exclusive flavour for Predator Nutrition and was prompted by the recent Driven Sports’ announcement that they were signing up well known competitive eater and fitness personality, Furious Pete, otherwise known as Pete Czerwinski. Furious Pete has his own German TV show, a very popular YouTube channel and is well known on the bodybuilding forums for his feats of eating endurance such as finishing off a 6lb cheesecake in minutes. Despite his huge eating he maintains a great physique and has been a big fan of Driven Sports supplements in general, and Craze in particular for some time.

furious pete PR pic2

Given the fact that Strawberry Swirl Craze has proven to be such a smash hit, we expect that Furious Melons will be the same for people in Europe and with Furious Pete promoting it and his popularity in Germany in particular, we are sure it will be another hit for Driven Sports.

Furious Melons flavour is due out in the spring and when it does we think we may well need to have a scoop or two to challenge Pete at a protein bar eating contest!



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Reggie Johal is a former Great Britain American Football player and the founder of Predator Nutrition. He has a strong background in strength and fitness coaching with articles published in Flex and other leading online and print magazines.

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