Predator Nutrition teams up with Purus Labs

Here at Predator Nutrition we are very excited to work with Texas-based Purus Labs to showcase their stellar product range to European consumers who we believe will greatly value their results-focused product range such as Condense, D-Pol, and the soon to be released D-Pol in Custard Creme powder, a sensational product flavour that should be a particular hit for the UK audience.

We only work with the best suppliers, ones whose products, ownership and ethics mirror ours. Our business model means we require partners with vision, creativity and the foresight to understand that yesterday’s market will not the tomorrow’s future. One company who have consistently impressed us with their communication, product excellence, level of care and interaction with consumers as well as absolute commitment to upholding the highest standards in how they conduct business is Purus Labs. 

Purus Labs is one company we have been chasing for years. The shared passion for raising the level of awareness and fitness in our audience is something which stands out as unique. This is a brand that shares our customer focused ethos and it’s their devotion to their craft that makes them a natural fit for Predator Nutrition.” – Reggie Johal, MD of Predator Nutrition.

Purus Labs CEO, Brandon Smith commented, “With Predator Nutrition’s help, we truly feel Purus Labs will explode onto the 2013 European supplement-scene as two great companies cannot get it wrong!

Purus and Predator Nutrition will be co-operating closely to revolutionise both the products available in Europe and, just as importantly, the way they are presented. Watch this space.


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