Arnold Classic 2013 Recap and News

Louie Simmons, Monica Brant, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Cain Velasquez and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just some of the people we have been with the last few days. The ultimate holiday? Not quite as Predator Nutrition’s team has just got back from meeting, greeting, eating, and not sleeping for four straight days here at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, USA.


We are here because the Arnold Classic is America’s biggest fitness festival where everyone who matters attends. Being our first trip we were surprised at how much bigger a deal this is than the Olympia. What have we been doing you might well ask?


Here are some of the highlights from the trip.


  • We are going to be working on a new brand which redefines the art of what is possible. New ingredients never used before from guys whose track record for innovation is incomparable.


  • We will be bringing in several new brands, some of which you will know and others which will be unique to us, adding yet another level of exclusivity in your supplement choice.


  • We have reached agreement to confirm Predator Nutrition as the official UK distributor of Quest Bars. We will have the brand new Banana Nut Muffin flavour in a couple of weeks. The taste on this is phenomenal. Watch out for a lot more from Quest in future (these guys have huge ambition).


  • We spent an amazing two hours with Louie Simmons. Probably the most nervous we have ever been to talk to anyone, we learnt a lot from a guy who couldn’t have been more helpful. We will be looking to provide Predator customers some great content and products via a collaboration with Louie. Look out for our exclusive feature on our time at Westside Barbell Club.

 louie simmons

  • We met a few of the existing brands who we are exclusive distributors of – Driven Sports, E-Pharm, Iforce Nutrition, and Omega Sports. Expect to see some new concepts and deals from these. We can’t discuss too much but some of the ideas and products in their pipelines will be available within 1-2 months.


  • We trained alongside fitness great Monica Brant as she completed a photoshoot!


  • We saw Cain Velasquez politely obliging every single person who requested a photo even as he got ready to grab some food. A real gentleman as well as a fighter and a great signing for BSN, one of the leading supplement companies at the show.

 2013-03-01 12.04.07

  • We saw the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger as we walked around the show while he checked some of the paintings produced by local artists from Ohio.


  • Ronnie Coleman sold every single one of his supplements out. This brand looks set to grow and grow.


  • Jay Cutler looked big and in shape. He could be a serious threat to the Mr O champion Phil Heath.

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