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One of the most popular new workout systems created and founded by Tony Horton, P90X uses a wide variety of principles from; full body workouts, isolated muscle group workouts, plyometrics, yoga, core workouts, flexibility training and even Kenpo (a group of Japanese martial arts), there are 12 different workouts making it a fun and dynamic choice. The system is designed to last 90 days, decidedly longer than your typical 4-6 week routine you find online and is a great length that is more likely to instil a lasting lifestyle change in the individual making it a great choice for the ‘New Years Resolutioner’s’ or the ‘Summer Beach Bod’. The system is designed to be flexible and appropriate for beginners but also dynamic and intensive enough to challenge individuals with high levels of fitness. Equipment is minimal and affordable and there is no need for a gym so can be done in the comfort your own home making it financially economic as well as time-saving. This system workouts the entire body improving muscular strength, flexibility and decreasing body-fat in all areas where one can expect to burn around 450-800kCal per hour long session.


Barry’s Bootcamp:

Another workout system founded by Barry Jay back in 1998, this system focuses on a ‘Back-2-Basics’ approach to working out using simple equipment such as a stability ball, dumbbells, bodybars, resistance bands, kettlebells, boxes and treadmills making it easy for any participant to grasp and reducing the risk of injury from complicated machinery. The workout consists of 30 minutes of high intensity cardio performed on a treadmill followed by 30 minutes of resistance work and is designed to strengthen and shape the entire body while shifting 1000kCal per session. Based in America the bootcamp now has a studio based in London starting from £20 per session with block booking options reducing the costs and one can expect an upbeat American vibe with plenty of motivational shouting from one of the instructors aimed to push you mentally and physically.



Designed and founded by Swedish dancer & celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen to ‘’mentally empower women through fitness’’, this new workout is a fusion of Pilates, Boxing and Dance. Classes are performed at high pace and intensity and are designed to work the whole body in an upbeat environment. Not only is this a great workout for fat loss but also for strengthening and shaping the shoulders and arms, strengthening and improving mobility around the core, improve balance, power, speed and agility and give you a strong right hook! Estimated calories burned per 1 hour session are between 400-900kCal.

 Soul Cycling

Soul Cycling:

Co-founded and created be Elizabeth Cutler Soul Cycling is a spinning-inspired workout combined with whole-body resistance training with a zen-like twist. Classes are generally done by candlelight and have pleasant aromatics designed to engage the body and the mind. The workout itself is performed to upbeat, high energy music a combination of spinning and lightweight resistance exercise where participants can burn as much as 650-900kCal per 45 minute session which is great exercise economy for those on a tight time-frame. As a spinning instructor myself I find spinning as one of the most affordable, fun and motivating workouts to help lose body-fat as well as improving leg strength, endurance and shape.


Suspension Training:

Focused on using high tensile bands with handles using your own body as the weight to perform resistance based workouts, suspension training is cheap (TRX: ranging from £90-200, Crosscore 180: £180 and many other alternatives), portable, has exercises for the entire body and can be a great choice for someone who struggles to find the time to go to gym or finds a gym-based environment intimidating. The bands are fully adjustable so are appropriate for individuals at any level of fitness/strength and most gyms offer TRX-inspired classes. One can expect to burn between 350-550kCal/hour depending on the class or workout routine.



Another fun and exciting Les Mills innovation, Sh’bam brings a dance-inspired workout that is both fun, motivating, low impact/low risk of injury and a great way to burn body-fat while leaving you with a smile on your face. Simple dance moves begin a 10 minute warm up moving into progressively more intensive moves as the tempo increases. Classes are performed to charts classics and latin-inspired remixes, are great for beginners, great to go to with a friend, improves self-confidence and learns you some killer floor moves. One can expect to burn an average of 503kCal per 45 minute session.


Bar Method:

A combination of Yoga, Ballet and Pilates aimed to strengthen and coordinate the entire body and improve flexibility. The principles behind this class are to perform an isometric contraction of maximum intensity immediately followed by a maximal stretch of the muscle, this is designed not only to shape and tone the muscle but also turn them into lengthy and flexible units. This class is great for core and glute (bum) training and is popular choice for women where you can expect to burn around 400kCal per hour long session.


Antigravity Yoga:

Created by Christopher Harrison, Antigravity Yoga is designed as an easier, gentler and safer form of yoga in comparison to traditional methods, the reason behind this is the ‘hammock’s used in the class are designed to evenly distribute weight between the floor and the hammock. Classes are brilliant for improving flexibility and mobility, improve bodily awareness, strengthen the core and even the entire upper and lower body. This class is great for people suffering from lower pain as movements elongate the vertebrae, alleviating pressure which may help with compressive disc issues. One can expect to burn around 600kCal and upwards per hour long session.


Belly Dancing:

Fun, low intensity exercise suitable for all levels of fitness that will improve core strengthening, mobility and awareness and serve as a mild form of shifting body-fat. There is no equipment required so can be performed in the comfort of your own home with a wide variety of instructional DVDs available or there are plenty of classes nationally and internationally. One can expect to burn 250-320kCal/hour for lighter intensity sessions or 300-400kCal for more intensive sessions.

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