Predator Nutrition Responds To Driven Sports Questions At FIBO 2013

Predator Nutrition, is the exclusive European distributor of Driven Sports for the last four years and in that time we have seen the brand grow leaps and bounds.


Having just represented Driven Sports at the world’s leading fitness expo, FIBO in Cologne, Germany, we saw a number of points of confusion in the minds of consumers which have arisen over the last few months. We were surprised at first but when we saw the same questions originating from multiple expo visitors we decided it makes sense to address some of their questions.


Q. How many versions of Craze is there?


A. We were staggered by the number of questions asking whether we stocked a particular version of Craze with many people believing the product contained ingredients that have NEVER been included in the formula such as DMAA. There is and has been only ONE authentic version of Craze and the formula now is IDENTICAL to what it was when it came out, last year, last month or last week!


Q. Why did my version not work?


A. We fielded a few such questions of this ilk. Our standard question is where did they buy it from and inevitably they bought it from a retailer who we do not supply. As such the likelihood is high that the product sold was a counterfeit. We have previously discussed the proliferation of widescale counterfeiting of dietary supplements, especially in the EU and we will be updating our position on this once the current legal process with various retailers and distributors is at an end. We field daily complaints about versions being purchased not working the same.  All we can say to this is that we never get complaints ourselves at Predator Nutrition about the product which underlines the need for consumers to buy from either Predator Nutrition or a retailer which can authenticate its purchases back to us. We have systems to identify all genuine products now so anyone unsure can send a tub to us to analyse at Predator Nutrition, Unit 1 Triangle Business Park, Oakwell Way, Birstall, WF17 9LU, United Kingdom. This applies to all purchases made in Europe.


Q. Is there any plans for more flavours?


A. Yes. Driven Sports are currently discussing with us some more exclusive flavours which will be distributed only in Europe. The success of the Strawberry Swirl and Furious Melons versions of Craze only makes us more excited to hear your ideas for future flavours.


Buy Furious Melons Craze 

Craze Furious Melons


Q. Is the product safe?

A. Yes. Craze was extensively researched, tested and Driven Sports have completed four safety studies on Craze that we are having written up at this very moment in time due to be published in a peer-reviewed journal in the near future. The results of these safety studies have been exceptional, with no negative health concerns from acute dosing, and improvements in multiple health parameters as well as improved body composition in the chronic dosing. Currently, a fifth safety study is in progress. We are hoping to have the results of this before the end of this month. 


Q. Will Craze make me fail a drugs test?


A. Craze has been formulated to be perfectly safe for people to use. It has been used by literally thousands of people who have had to submit to drug testing and there has NEVER been a single test for any banned substance. Driven Sports has dozens of 3rd party independent lab reports documenting every single batch of Craze ever manufactured. All reports clearly show that there are no amphetamines, nor any other banned or controlled substances in Craze. We believe allegations stating otherwise are fuelled by a combination of a lack of understanding of science and by malicious intent among certain individuals.


Q. Is Craze okay for athletes to use?

A. There is nothing in Craze that is listed as being specifically prohibited by WADA. Craze does not contain any banned or controlled substances, but due to the variance between brands of drug screens, testing sensitivity and everybody’s differing regimes and biochemistries there is no way for us to specifically know or guarantee what each individual’s testing result would be. This is why it is the responsibility of the user to discuss with their testing organization prior to using this, or any other dietary supplement.

If you are routinely tested as part of your employment, or in order to play a sport, or maintain a scholarship etc, then we are of the belief that you should not take any dietary supplement unless specifically cleared by your testing organisation.

Q. I would like me gym or store to stock the product. Who should I contact?


A. Please email


Q. Can you tell me more about the products from Driven Sports and how they work?


A. We are in the process of providing improved product education services for all our exclusive brands to both retailers and customers. We believe the brands we distribute, including Driven Sports, set new standards for excellence providing demonstrable benefits to anyone engaged in the quest for greater fitness and health. We have a write up for the science behind Triazole here and we shall the full range of products profiled in due course.


If you have any more questions concerning either Predator Nutrition or the brands we distribute be sure to contact us via our knowledge base.


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