Are You ENHANCED? – The Ultimate Pre-Workout Coming Soon!


Predator Nutrition are excited to announce the arrival of the all new and exclusive Enhanced by Physique Enhancing Science!


Gaining muscle isn’t easy but if you want your muscles to grow stronger, faster and bring that extra intensity to your gym sessions – You need to get Enhanced!

Enhanced by PES is a new pre-workout that is going to be a hit product – so make sure to be quick to get your hands on this winning formula when it hits our shelves next week – exclusive to Predator Nutrition!

Striving to help you make your body the ultimate powerhouse the guys at PES have spent months testing this new formula to come up with the ultimate Enhanced pre-workout. With an all new feel and world class taste this is a winning formula that hits you with the same intensity every time!

With a finely tuned combination of energy inducing ingredients using Swertia extract, caffeine and norcoclaurine HCl (Higenamine); as well a pump and vascularity combination that is unparalleled in the current market, Enhanced is sure to give you ultimate results:

“muscles feeling like balloons and roadmap veins that keep you coming back for more.”

Wait there’s more! In addition to all of that PES use a special blend of choline bitartrate, CDP-Choline and norcoclaurine HCl to fuel muscle fibers like no other unlocking their full potential in a way which will prove itself at the gym when it has you smashing your personal records.

The truth is it is all about training smarter – so when you want to destroy your PBs, train like you never thought possible, and make the fastest progress you’ve ever seen. It’s time to get Enhanced!



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