Predator Nutrition Response To Craze Allegations

It seems as if every few months we get another claim that Craze by Driven Sports is spiked with some mystery ingredient or another. We thought we would take the time to separate the fact from fiction for those concerned.



How do you detect the presence of anything in a product?


It is not possible to simply analyse a product chemically and work out what is in it. Instead, the correct way to determine the presence in a product of a particular compound is to first test for that compound by itself. Every ingredient in a supplement will have a unique chemical signature and only by knowing such a signature can you determine what you are testing for when looking for this same compound in a blended product.


A reference standard is a standardized substance which is used as a measurement base for similar substances.


In layman’s terms, if you were wanting to know the oxygen content of a glass of water, you’d need to first know what oxygen looks like. Otherwise how would you know what you were looking for.


The tests which have been conducted have all failed to produce such a reference standard.


What problems does this pose?


Have you ever tried to pick a colour of a car and been amazed that there can be so many different variations of red? Well, the same thing happens with many stimulant based compounds. They “look” very similar and to someone who has not first isolated the exact compound being looked for it is easy enough to mistake one for another.  None of the tests showing the presence of a foreign compound even went to the trouble of first isolating what they are looking for. In essence, such tests are guessing incorrectly what is in the compound.



What other things should a properly conducted test do?


Fairly recently we saw what a test should NOT look like in the USA when an individual took samples of an item and sent them for testing having opened the tubs to send the samples to a tub. This was done on protein powders and the results which showed many powders underdosed caused some hysteria til it was pointed out that the individual concerned could have sent literally anything and said it was product X.


With Craze, NOT A SINGLE TEST has ever been done on products purchased directly from either Driven Sports or one of a select group of official distributors. Given the fact that numerous counterfeits of Craze have been made, and that one particular test was from a website which had been deceived into selling a fake product by their suppliers, then clearly the only reliable test is from someone buying direct from Driven Sports and where a product’s chain of custody is preserved and where a laboratory testing the product has the ability to produce a reference standard first.


Has Craze ever been tested by an FDA-registered, DEA-licensed, cGMP-compliant independent testing laboratory?


We refer you to the pages below where the test is conducted properly, where a reference standard is used.


That makes for 26 tests and counting where a proper chain of custody and testing procedure was used by a highly esteemed lab (Avomeen). Check to get a flavour of their business. Compare that to the website from the most recent lab to test the product wrongly.


As well as product sent by DS, tests have also been conducted on products from which prove categorically that no hidden ingredients are within Craze. Furthermore, more tests are planned from other retailers and the results will be publicly released by DS.


What else should I know?


That is a good question. The answer is lots. People have been making allegations about Craze for a long time. Some examples.


  1. WIn late 2012 we became aware of counterfeit Craze circulating globally. It is an open industry secret that a company supposedly based in Switzerland is part of this and this same company eventually ended up paying compensation to Predator for the sale of fakes.


  1. Even more interestingly, the UK companies caught selling fake Craze in the UK and all failed to provide any explanation for who had sold it to them.


  1. Interestingly, one of these companies has a very close link with the counterfeiters and repeatedly refused to divulge information to pursue them.


  1. Even more interestingly, this same company acts as a distributor for Thermolife which is a rival of DS who claims to have purchased Craze from unknown retailers but who the actual lab they used has contradicted this. See below.





rom: “Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D.” 
Date: July 3, 2013, 4:12:20 PM CDT
To: “‘Joe Rubino'” 
Subject: RE: without a doubt?

Dear Joe,

These products were sent to us by our client. I am not sure of the origin.


Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D., BCFE, BCFM
PSI (Phytochemical Services, Incorporated)
5 Industrial Park Drive
Oxford, MS 38655
Tel zxxxxxxxx
Fax xxxxxxxxxx

From: Joe Rubino [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 4:27 PM
Subject: without a doubt?

Samples of Craze, did they come from an online retailer purchased by your lab or was it sent to you? Im worried bout my health now. 


8.  Thermolife themselves have issued lawsuits against multiple US supplement companies over supposed infringement of patents they own. We say supposed because they neither developed or created the patents they registered but are basically expecting companies to pay them all the same.  As a company they have no reputation to speak of and are banned from numerous retailers in the States. Their owner is widely known to have repeatedly been in trouble with the police for not just civil but criminal matters. Indeed, when Predator Nutrition first exhibited at Bodypower a Thermolife henchman assaulted a female employee of Predator Nutrition slamming her to the ground.


These are the people you would trust????


So what we have here is someone in the Thermolife owner whose friends are implicated in the sale of counterfeits and who is unable to produce a test using a reference standard and whose source is unverifiable.  Is it possible that the counterfeiters delivered a fake Craze spiked with an ingredient to cause a test failure?  We can only speculate at this point.



Our View



We believe with absolute assurance that Craze is accurately labelled and contains none of the supposed ingredients claimed in recent tests which have all been conducted with no reference standard and have in cases been conducted by competitors who have seen their sales hit. Craze has been repeatedly tested ot just for ingredient analysis but also the subject of safety studies showing it is safe and effective for use.


The allegations against the product are at best, ill-informed or worst, an example of  deliberate commercial sabotage. Only yesterday we saw an abusive email sent to us from a retailer we supply which was purporting to be from Driven Sports’ VP of Operations but which upon closer investigation turned out to be from an anonymous troll who used an encrypted email address but made it look as if it came from DS. Clearly someone out there is bothered enough to try to fake DS emails in an attempt to get retailers to turn against them.


As a company who hold integrity very highly we can assure our customers that Driven Sports share the exact same mindset as us and we expect to see these latest rumours quashed much as a lawsuit against the brand last year over Craze was decided convincingly in the favour of Driven Sports.

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