Being Authentic At Predator Nutrition


Why do we do what we do?


That is a question on my mind when I hear people saying they can’t wait to go on holiday or wish it was the weekend. Whether you do things for love, money, or fame there’s always a reason why we do what we do.

I was having this conversation with a friend of mine who despite being blessed in so many ways often changes his mind about what he wants in life. I’m sure we all know the people who are bulking one day and then dieting the next, forever chopping and changing depending on their mood of the moment.

Maybe this describes you too?



Why am I bringing this up?


At one time I wasn’t sure what Predator Nutrition stood for. In business there are so many ways to differentiate yourself; being the cheapest, the fastest, promoting particular products or, as in some cases, simply copying what others do.

I sat down and decided we had to stake our claim to a territory and stop trying to be all things to all men which is really just the pursuit of mediocrity.

The result being that we would be the most innovative and honest retailer around, providing a range of products and supporting services that cannot be matched.

Innovation – Bringing new brands and products with unmatched results leveraging the knowledge of our community to help guide us. It means developing our site on an ongoing basis to help reduce time spent with customer services and making the entire experience more bespoke.

Honesty – We are in the process of writing reviews on all the key products on our website. Sometimes the reviews may actually lose us a sale but we are looking beyond the immediate sale and hoping that in providing genuinely helpful advice, rather than promoting a product just because we sell it, that customers will place their faith in us across the board. It’s not easy to do this as it means ticking off some suppliers, but we are in this to please our customers by providing product education, not making sales pitches.

Truth – While the things you do may change over the years, the underlying personality and nature of a person is far more established. For me I realised I have always wanted to be the best in anything I do and so my focus in business had to reflect this in pursuing excellence rather than focusing on costs and profits. I’ll never be someone who can sell you crap just because the profit margin is high.

If you find yourself unable to get what you want in your life then I highly recommended sitting down with pen and paper and working out what defines you as a person. Only then can you decide on what actions to take.

Ultimately, we control our lives but many will voluntarily surrender control and then complain about why they can’t get in shape because of their work, or that their work is boring.


The reality is that it’s up to you to work out what you stand for and then put theory into practice.




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About Reggie Johal

Reggie Johal is a former Great Britain American Football player and the founder of Predator Nutrition. He has a strong background in strength and fitness coaching with articles published in Flex and other leading online and print magazines.

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