Q&A With Store Launch Guest Bryn Ray!

24th August sees the launch of our ultimate sports nutrition store in The Light Shopping Centre in Leeds. One of the many special guests attending our store launch will be Optimum Nutrition sponsored model, athlete and nutrition enthusiast Bryn Ray, who will be meeting and greeting visitors, offering top class knowledge and advice, and representing Optimum Nutrition.
Bryn Ray BrynRay
Age: 21
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 80kg
Nationality: British
Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
“I just turned 21 in August, study architecture at the University of Sheffield and currently work as a Communications Consultant. My passion and interests are in the science of health, exercise and nutrition and I am working on the creating my own dieting and training principles.”
What are your current fitness/training goals?
“For my physique I want to show that it is possible to have an attractive physique alongside a busy work and social life. But in general my aim is to maintain a reasonably low body fat and proportional size. My perfect body aesthetic is a healthy balance between size and definition.”
What does your typical training session involve?
“I’m currently following a plan based on full body workouts. My weekly training involves 4-6 days of high intensity weight training as I’m not doing any cardio at the moment.”
What does your average day’s diet look like?
“My current diet involves a lot of protein supplements because I work in an office which takes up most of the day and I also juggle two other jobs as well so I don’t have time to prepare food! The amount I travel also means that I’m not able to prepare meals all the time so I need food that doesn’t require a fridge to keep fresh. A typical day’s food consists of protein bread and peanut butter or eggs for breakfast, a protein ready meal for lunch, and a rounded meal for dinner which has all the elements; meat, carbs and veg. I supplement these meals throughout the day with protein oat bars, peanut butter, high protein yogurts, fruit and 4-5 protein shakes.”
What supplements do you use to help you with your training and performance?
Optimum Nutrition ProComplex is the supplement I find most useful. When trying to keep baggage to a minimum, ProComplex covers most instances of protein requirement so it means only one type of shake needs to be taken. It provides fantastic post workout support, makes a great breakfast supplement, but is also effective before bed. BCAA, CLA and Fish Oil are the other supplements I try to keep close at hand.”
What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren’t training or competing?

“DESIGN! It is the lifeblood of my being. In particular I enjoy designing web applications that provide simple solutions to everyday problems. I’m currently in the process of designing a trainer application based on an adaptive neural network (making it customized to each individual and responsive to their progress and requirements). I also enjoy a good film with my girlfriend.”
What would be your most important advice?
“1) Train smart and listen to your body 2) Leave your ego at the door 3) Don’t blindly follow convention – question what you are told and make training, diet and life decisions based on yourself!”
Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet Bryn Ray and come on down to our store launch at The Light Shopping Centre in Leeds, on the 24th August!
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Find out more about Bryn here:
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