Dusty Hanshaw Is Coming To Our Store!

It’s official!

Dusty Hanshaw is coming to our store on the 11th of September!

11th September will see the American NPC National level bodybuilder Dusty Hanshaw visit our store for a special meet and greet with customers, offering industry leading knowledge and advice, as well as photo opportunities and signings.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet Dusty in person and come on down to our store on the 11th of September! 

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download (2)Dusty Hanshaw
Age: 32
Weight: 127kg
Nationality: American
At what age did you first get into fitness and bodybuilding?
“Like most teens I first started experimenting with weight training in high school but I didn’t start training properly until I was 22 when I started effectively dedicating myself to the purpose on a more serious level – and I haven’t looked back since!”
What do you like training most at the gym?
“My favourites are squats and deadlifts probably because they are the ones I’m best at but also because they still remain the most grueling and I like to push myself beyond the norm where others usually avoid them.”
Can you tell us a bit about your diet and eating habits?
“I didn’t start looking after my diet and taking a proper interest what I eat until the age of about 24. I regularly ate fast foods, takeaways and processed foods and it wasn’t surprising that I didn’t see any real results until I ditched the bad diet. In general I tend to follow the motto of ‘if you want to be big you have to eat big’ – you have to eat for the size that you want not the size that you are. But this still means maintaining a healthy and balanced diet – not eating meals high in carbohydrates or fat! For me it is all about the quality of the food I choose to eat – as long as the calories I eat are clean I don’t need to worry too much about getting overly fat when eating for gains.”
What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren’t training or competing?
“For me it’s all about family. They have sacrificed a lot for my lifestyle but have supported me unconditionally over the years both for my bodybuilding and business aspirations and will always be the driving force behind my motivation to be successful so that I can support them by doing a job that I love.”
What would be your most important advice to others?
“I have made massive mistakes in not balancing my bodybuilding and my personal life. Unfortunately there was a period when I let bodybuilding take over, however, it wasn’t until I achieved a healthy balance that I was able to achieve success. Therefore my advice to others would be to aim to find a sense of balance and peace within yourself personally so that you can really achieve your greatest aspirations.”

Make sure to come along to our store to meet and greet the man himself!

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