Modern Training Fads – Do They Deliver?

Have you ever seen someone wear a wristband saying WWJD?

For the non-religiously inclined, that stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” and is designed to keep people faithful to their religion. Funnily enough I have never seen a man wear such a band on his right wrist as for certain activities they clearly don’t want to have the band in their field of vision…….but I digress.

Whenever I get someone suggesting I need to plonk my backside on a vibration plate, try the insanity workout, or even a spot of Zumba, I always ask myself: what would Linford Christie do? As the greatest sprinter the UK has ever produced, Christie was both powerful and had a great physique and inspired a generation of people to get into the gym. I still have my WWLD wristband on me now in fact!

Don’t believe the hype and think that the reason you aren’t in shape is because your training doesn’t incorporate enough machines or there is some missing link out there. I have spoken before about how you can train to gain muscle mass (read here) or to build speed (read here) and the one thing I can tell you about elite athletes is that the vast majority do the same basic lifts such as squats, cleans, snatches, bench presses, rows and deadlifts. Even among the bodybuilding ranks, the very biggest and best physiques in history, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, based their training on being as strong as possible on basic exercises before worrying about anything else. Read our training guides here for advice on how to perfect exercises.

Simple training


There are no secrets to getting in shape and aside from a good diet and supplements to support your training efforts, sheer hard work and consistency on basic free weight exercises will always drive the majority of your gains.

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