Predator Nutrition Social Hub Coming Soon…….

These days it’s not enough for companies to have just a blog or a forum or even a Facebook page. The increasing prominence of social media, apps and online gaming has created a desire for more – more involvement, more interaction, more functionality, more user-generated content and more fun.  You want to socialise with people in your own peer group, who share your passions and use similar products, right?

Off the top of your head can you think of a retailer who gives you that?    No?

Well that’s about to change…..

As a Predator customer, a regular reader of our blog or a forum member you already know that we love you guys and we want to keep you involved as much as we can. You like the same stuff as us, use the supplements that we’re passionate about, enjoy the same stories as us, laugh at the same jokes that we laugh at and frequently get involved in our inane office debates on Facebook.

That’s why we’re building a great new place for you guys to hang out – a Predator Nutrition social hub, somewhere we can do the cool stuff we already do but in an environment that was designed specifically for it.  We don’t want to say too much and ruin the surprise but it’s going to be ground-breaking!! In fact we’re confident that it will become the UK’s go-to online destination for anything to do with fitness, training and nutrition. 

We want our hub to be the first place you go in the morning, your lunchtime drop-in and the first place you want to go after your workout.  Need a bit of extra motivation, some supplement advice or a new workout plan to break through the plateau?  What better place to find all of this stuff than in a community of people who think like you do?

Watch this space folks, exciting times are ahead.



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