Anna Sward’s Protein Pow Workshop & Whey Hey Ice Cream Appearance Part 1

Early Sunday morning on the 8th December, The Predator Nutrition Store at The Light Leeds was a protein cook’s haven. As the budding Protein Pow cooks walked through the glass door entrance, they apprehended a table laden with only the best selection of protein powders, calorie free syrups & condiments, fruit, nuts, Total Greek yogurt and much more, surrounded by the stacked shelves of exclusive supplements only Predator Nutrition has to offer. 


After everyone arrived and mingled with Anna, Protein Bars were the first item on the agenda. The cooks had a vast amount to choose for their protein content from Iforce 100% Whey Protean, Trutein & Wheyology from Trunutritionsciences and Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Casein. Most likely with the festive season on its way, the Pumpkin Pie Trutein protein powder was the most popular ingredient chosen by the chefs for their protein bar creations and it certainly didn’t disappoint!



After coating the protein bars with decadent 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts, it was time for the next recipe for the budding protein pow enthusiasts. Protein Recovery Pancakes are by far one of Anna’s best creations. The crowd of 11 were split into 3 groups, each of which focused on a particular goal with their pancake ingredients. Apple & Cinnamon, Banana and Chocolate were amongst the striking flavours. 0% Total Greek Yogurt was a good choice instead of using added oats for a low carb version for one group.


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