Q&A with the Creator of Cardiotryx, Matt Pearson

Tell us a little about your history and the products you have created.

I started my career back in 2003 at Avant Labs. After helping to design, and release, cutting edge products like HEAT Stack and Sesathin, I decided to buy into Scivation and Prima Force. While there, I designed, or helped to design, products such as NOxidant and Xtend. I took a break for a little while and went off on my own to write children’s books, and came back to the industry in 2005 with RPN. After expanding my line quite a bit, I brought my designs to Genomyx, were I continued developing, formulating, and releasing many products. Genomyx and I decided to part ways in 2012, and I moved my products over to Evolutionary Muse. The line is extremely diverse and very innovative.


What motivated you to create Cardiotryx?

I retired from the Army in 2001. One of the things I remember most about my time was how much I hated running – most especially the skeletal wear and tear on my joints. I also grew tired of the tedium of hours on a treadmill or elliptical. After researching quite a bit, I was about to find a formula that would both maximize fat loss from reduced amounts of cardio, as well as increase my endurance.


Who is Cardiotryx aimed at?

CardioTryx was primarily designed to minimize the amount of time a dieting bodybuilder would need to spend doing cardio while perfectly dialing in. As you know, excessive cardio can result in muscle loss – I wanted to make a formula that would provide the fat loss benefits without muscle loss. As testing and research continued, I found a lot of evidence that the product would increase endurance and conditioning for a wide range of athletes such as MMA and Crossfit.


How does it work? 

CardioTryx works on multiple pathways, including AMPk, PPARs, Erythropoietin, and mitochondrial efficiency. The writeup is thick and somewhat complicated, but explains everything thoroughly.


How often should you use it?

CardioTryx should only be used on Cardio days, 45 minutes before workout.


Can you take it before weight training?

Taking CardioTryx before weight training is not ideal, but using a reduced rest time protocol or fast-paced approach will still yield benefits.


What scientific research went into formulating Cardiotryx?

CardioTryx was formulated for a period of over 10 months, with countless hours spent studying and refining synergistic interactions to get the perfect balance. Highest quality extracts were obtained and verified for CardioTryx.


What has the initial feedback been like on Cardiotryx?

The initial research is very positive. Noticeable effects are increased endurance, a reduction in fatigue/perception of effort, dramatic increase in sweating, notable increase in bodyheat generated, and a high level performance increase. We will be testing out the formula’s full effects on January 25th when our MMA fighter, Ricky Goodall, steps into the ring.

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