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New Driven Sports preworkout exclusive to Predator Nutrition

Since 2009 when Predator Nutrition signed an exclusive distribution agreement with top American brand Driven Sports, hardcore trainers have benefitted from ready access to a range of products which are widely recogised as leaders in their respective categories.

The likes of Triazole and Activate Xtreme have been widely regarded as among the best supplements ever created for enhancing the body’s natural levels of testosterone and thereby building power and muscle mass quickly while Lean Xtreme is quite simply the best selling fat burner/recomposition supplement we sell, working equally as well for those dieting as it does for those bulking.

The last Driven Sports supplement was Craze, an astounding achievement in preworkout supplements which has raised the bar for what users expect from a preworkout to new levels. Ever since Craze was released Driven Sports have been working on several new supplements including a preworkout. As a brand we are very familiar with their extensive trialling and testing procedures so that when we hear a product is in the pipeline it is not unusual to see it worked on quietly, refined and ultimately perfected. Where we see some brands draw up a formula in a week and send them to production without any real testing, Driven Sports have always had a perfectionist mindset that means when they do release a supplement, it surpasses all expectations.

This brings us to their new preworkout, Frenzy which has now been released to us for sampling before going into production. All the feedback to date has been superb with unanimous consent that Frenzy blows Craze out of the water and does so while being better suited to use in the evening.

To date, six different people have tested Frenzy and you can read the reviews on Frenzy here.

Once you have seen what people are saying you will doubtless want to try this one for yourself. To that end we are proud to confirm that Frenzy will be a worldwide exclusive for Predator Nutrition and unavailable to anyone outside of our distribution channels. We will announce more details on Frenzy in due course but for now get ready for a product from DS that will have everyone forgetting about Craze very quickly.

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