Predator Nutrition Signs Exclusive EU Distribution Deal With Molecular Nutrition

This week has seen Predator Nutrition add another exciting name to its list of exclusive brands. Molecular Nutrition have put pen to paper on a deal that secures Predator Nutrition as their exclusive EU distribution partner. Molecular joins a growing stable of great US brands represented solely by Predator Nutrition, including Body Nutrition (formerly TruNutrition Sciences), Antaeus Labs, PES, Iforce and Driven Sports.

Molecular Nutrition is a brand synonymous with innovation and quality and their products have already earned rave reviews from Predator Nutrition’s discerning customers. Products like Peak Beta and one of Predator’s favourite products of the last few 12 months, X-Factor have been brilliantly received and praised for the results they deliver.

The customer review below highlights the general sentiment of Predator’s customers in relation to MN’s products:

X-Factor Advanced is worth every penny. There is plenty of research behind the ingredient arachidonic acid and is highly effective. I dosed at 6 caps approx.45 minutes pre-workout and non on workout days (so actually lasted me 9 weeks) and although it took a few weeks to kick in, once it did it led to greater muscle fullness, pumps and greater nutrient utilisation which lead to a leaning of the midsection above maintenance calories whilst gaining muscle. I have used on a variety of times and X-Factor Advanced has been very flexible in its use for both bulking, recomping and cutting. Couldn’t recommend the product more highly!

Based out of USA, Molecular were looking for an EU partner who could put some serious weight behind their products and give their brand the launch platform it needs. Given the success that Predator Nutrition has had with bringing Driven Sports, iForce, PES and many more to the UK supplement market we were the no.1 choice and we’re over the moon to be working with such a great brand.

Follow this link to view the full Molecular Nutrition product range:

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