Body Power Expo 2014

It’s that time of the year just before the Great British Summer starts when all Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts assemble to enjoy the weekend. It couldn’t be any other event than the Body Power Expo 2014!

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As the weather heated up, so did the anticipation of the crowds as NEC Birmingham opened its doors at 9 am sharp, Friday Morning.

When walking down the ‘Orange Carpet’, it was hard deciding which stall to go to first! Every stand boasted shelves and displays overflowing with the latest supplements, gym apparel and fitness contraptions. Not forgetting of course, the attractive sponsored athletes that everyone was desperate to see and be photographed with.

At Predator Nutrition’s Stand, the choice was, as ever, fantastic.   Consumers were spoilt with the array of products on display, from Driven Sport’s Splyce to every conceivable flavour of Quest Bars. Niche American Brand, Purus Labs, the company behind Condense and AminOD, sat adjacent to the Predator Nutrition stand and passers-by were desperate to get their hands on free samples of their best-selling products. Such was the clamour for Purus Labs freebies, the queue was like something from a Justin Beiber concert (only with much cooler (and bigger) fans).

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As always BodyPower was awash with World-class athletes. Jay Cutler, Steve Cook, Shaun Stafford, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath and Flex Lewis were just a few of the stars on display. Even the famous Furious Pete and Shawn Rhoden came along to the stand and had a chat with the Predator and Purus teams.

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Without a doubt, the most popular event of the Expo was the meeting and greeting of the athletes. Some visitors waited up to 3 hours to meet their idols but despite the long queues, there was nothing but happy faces from one side of the room to the next.


Judging from the crowds, Steve Cook was a firm favourite at the show. If you missed him then there’s no need to fret – Steve Cook and his pal Shaun Stafford will be among a crowd of Optimum Nutrition athletes making an appearance at the Predator Nutrition Store in The Light, Leeds on Saturday the 24th May


For more information about the Optimum Nutrition ‘True Strength’ event click here.





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