Hercules Challenge 2014

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, BodyPower 2014 took place at Birmingham NEC last weekend. As usual it was a real festival for the eyes with more flesh and fake tan on show than an Essex nightclub.

This was Predator’s third year at BodyPower and we’re pleased to say, our best yet. The buzz around the stand was fantastic and continued throughout the 3 day expo. Our stunning female model Jane Legg and UKBFF Bodybuilder Paul Brinkworth certainly drew in the crowds but the biggest attraction was our very own Hercules challenge, which gave show-goers the opportunity to show off their strength in exchange for prizes.  The challenge involved holding up two 5kg tubs of original formula 90+ protein, one either side, for as long as possible.

There were some very worthy contenders (and some not-so impressive efforts as well) and everyone was rewarded for their participation with samples, pill boxes and other goodies.

The overall prize for the longest time went to Alan Nash who recorded a time of 2 minutes 35. Alan’s prize for winning the challange is a box of Quest Bars of his choice and a Predator Nutrition goodie bag, but more importantly the coveted title of Predator Nutrition Hercules Challenge winner 2014.

Congratulations Alan!

Here’s a selection of photos from the Hercules challenge. Believe me, this is a lot harder than these guys make it look in the photos.


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