Sports Nutrition Predictions for 2015

With a new year here there is always a slew of commentators making bold predictions for what is going to happen in the future so never being one to turn down a challenge I have dusted off my crystal ball and peered into the near future to see what 2015 will bring in the sports nutrition industry.

#1: Sports nutrition will grow increasingly mainstream

We are likely to see the industry growing increasingly mainstream with a focus on the non-bodybuilding audience. In practice this will mean a greater focus on smaller pack sizes, taste, and slick marketing which may put off many of the hardcore supplement fans. We have already seen a number of prominent brands upgrading their packaging while downgrading their product formulas and this is a trend that is likely to accelerate among these kinds of brands.

#2: A major supplement brand will be acquired by Glanbia

As the owners of BSN and Optimum Nutrition, the dairy company Glanbia is one of the leading players in the global sports nutrition market and I expect that they will make another acquisition in the sports supplements market as they continue to invest in building their sports nutrition business.

#3: There will be an increased focus on natural muscle builders

With a generation that wants everything fast but is also worried about what they should take we are likely to see a bigger focus on non-hormonal muscle builders with the recent wave of such supplements at Predator Nutrition a signal of the time to come. I am already aware of at least one new supplement which is getting great feedback in beta testing and which I expect to see available by the spring so watch out for that!

#4: We will see the disappearance of many American brands from the UK

With the increasing competition in the sector I can already seen signs of American brands struggling to get the name recognition that they would once have had even a couple of years ago. With the increasing growth of a casual user base which expects brands to engage with them on their terms, US brands will struggle to compete with the UK brands and their extensive marketing activity.

#5: The innovative US brands will continue to prosper

While I expect the more mainstream US brands to struggle, those whose focus is on product quality and innovation are likely to grow stronger as the dedicated supplement user increasingly moves away from the devalued formulas seen among some of the big brands and looks to niche US brands to provide the quality they demand.

#6: There will be at least one major supplement company from the UK going bust

With the industry more competitive than ever I expect that there will be some casualties among the industry this year in the UK to join the likes of Gaspari and Ultimate Nutrition, both of which went bust in recent years.

#7: Quest Bars will be everywhere!

With Predator Nutrition being the official distributor for Quest Nutrition, I have some inside knowledge on this one but suffice to say that we expect to have this brand in prominent retail locations across the UK in 2015!

#8: The hottest new product of 2015 will be a preworkout

I have consistently seen preworkouts being the one supplement which most people see as the most important they can take when it comes to delivering instant gains in strength. With ongoing research and development continuing apace expect to see something special this year.

#9: We will see legal disputes growing

With a number of potential issues seen in recent years relating to patents, intellectual property violations, counterfeiting, label fraud, and protein spiking, I believe we will see more disputes settled via legal mechanisms.

#10: Predator Nutrition will open a second store

Having worked in our Leeds retail store recently it reminded me of the reason I first chose to enter this industry; simply that I love providing solutions for people who otherwise are unsure on what product to take or how they should train or eat. I hope that in 2015 we can bring our brand to a second location soon so that we can build a deeper connection with our customers and provide a more individualised service to more people.

So, let’s wait and see. Will I be right?

Author: Reggie Johal

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