Britain’s Top Bodybuilding Events for 2015

Nothing much beats a good session in the gym. The feeling of walking out after a hard workout is out of this world. The hours build up to days, to months and to years of dedication in sculpting that perfect physique. Often it can be quite a lonely pursuit, ever chasing that next goal, that better definition or that perfect balance.

It needn’t be that way; there are many opportunities to get out and show the world what you’ve been working on. They’ll be plenty of opportunity for comparing methods, educating others and learning a fair bit as well. Connecting into the rich and engaged community is seriously one of the best ways to push your own abilities and make that path to perfection a smoother one.

With that in mind, we have pulled together a list of the best bodybuilding events taking place throughout 2015. Making it to just one will be enough to increase that motivation, if you can make it to more than that, even better.


UK National Championships

When: 12th April

Where: De Montfort Hall, Leicester

Details: This event is only open to UKBFF members with a 4-yearly membership. Winners will earn entry into IFBB European and World Championships. While the entry criterion seems fairly tight, tickets are £20 for those who would rather soak up the atmosphere and take inspiration from some of the athletes involved.

The video below shows an interview with a bodybuilding champion from last year, describing his routine, diet and lifestyle.


Legends Live

When: 17th – 18th April

Where: 17th April, Birmingham, 18th April, Southampton


via Muscle Promotions

Details: Spread over 2 days, the Legends Live event takes in 2 venues, 2 seminars and 3 legends of the sport. Industry legends, Tom Platz, Shawn Ray and Samir Bannout, will be hosting the talks and sharing their best advice on how to make your body the perfectly crafted temple. If you can only catch one of these events, this is probably the one to go for.


Hercules Olympia


via Hercules Olympia

When: 9th May

Where: Charter Hall, Colchester

Details: This event is a combination of the finest male and female physiques there are out there. With a variety of competitions and categories, you may want to try your hand at entering to see how you fare against other Herculeses. This medley of events includes Giants Live, British RAW powerlifting finals, international muscle modelling, mixed fighting exhibitions and much more. If you’d rather just watch than take part, entry is £30 and you can still buy tickets from the website.


MuscleTalk Championship


via: Facebook

When: 5th July

Where: Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford

Details: This independently run show is available for people of all abilities to take part in. You can download the entry form here. This event is more suitable for amateurs than the others listed here, however, if taking part in the event isn’t for you then it may be worth going along to watch and gaining some inspiration from the finely tuned athletes on display. Visit their page for details on attendance and how you can get a ticket.


UKBFF British Championships


via Facebook

When: 3rd – 4th October

Where: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Details: The preliminary regional events take place throughout the year to whittle down bodybuilders across the country to the finest this island has to offer, in preparation for the final. For information on how you can take part in one of the regional competitions and when they are, check this page. This is the culmination of months of dedication and hard work for many who will be taking part.

It is undeniable that a remarkable amount of work goes into entering anyone of these competitions. The amount of energy and dedication for such impressive and long-term muscle building and indeed fat burning is difficult for many of us to fathom – a different world. However, attending any of these events is a great place to begin understanding and appreciating their lifestyle and passion. Why not attend one and see what you think?

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