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What is Progenadrex?

Progenadrex is the first in a class of non hormonal anabolic agents, specifically designed to accelerate gains in lean muscle mass. It does so via multiple pathways, but in a way that does NOT show on your waistline. Specifically it increases hunger for “good foods”, drives more carbs to be stored as glycogen, stores more creatine in the muscle, boosts natural production of testosterone, maximizes the mind/muscle connection and then layers in a powerful adaptogen (Laxogenin). Previous attempts at non-hormonal anabolics failed to take into consideration all 6, the same 6 qualities that steroids exert.



What led you to want to design a product which some might see as similar to Mass Pro Synthagen?

I can appreciate that point of view, but the products are entirely different..

My line of thinking when it comes to supplements mirrors training: Stimulate, Recover and Grow. It stands to reason that any supplement that accelerates one of these will cause gains to come faster. Synthagen radically accelerates recovery, and was a grand slam from the first bottle sold. It’s still the category killer, insofar as recovering you FAST from training – http://www.predatornutrition.com/musclemass-mass-pro-synthagen-270-caps/.

What was NOT being addressed to my satisfaction was a true, non-hormonal anabolic agent. You had pro-hormones or active androgens requiring no conversion and… not much else. Since PH and related products present many undesirable side effects, I wanted to give people something better.

There are some single ingredient non-hormonal products on the market that work, to an extent. The problem is that one ingredient can’t possibly cover all facets of growing more muscle, faster. I knew hormones were out so instead I sought to magnify the most powerful anabolic there is – Food. Ask anyone on the juice: If you had to give up one (food or drugs), which one would you sacrifice? To a person, they’d tell you the drugs. Because drugs amplify the effect of food. I watch these people, I study them. Because steroids leave clues…

Progenadrex does the same but without the risk of shutting down your natural production, the need for Post Cycle Therapy or having to use liver protection, the deleterious effects on blood pressure etc.. There is no two steps forward, one step back with this product. It’s all upside, and gains are much easier to retain vs. products that use hormones to do the same.


I often find that the best answers come from those tackling problems which they themselves experience. Was Progenadrex conceived out of your own personal struggles with gaining size?

Yes, given I had hit what I considered to be a genetic ceiling. At 43 years old, I wasn’t willing to settle for the fact my best years were behind me. I have ectomorph leaning tendencies, can’t eat the same amounts/volume of food I could in my youth and was really feeling it in the gym. LBM gains hadn’t just slowed, they were at a standstill. Illegal drugs or even PH’s were out, as neither were something I wanted to fool around with. I have a 9 year old son, and tired of keeping up with what’s legal this month but banned next month game. With ever restrictive legislation in the U.S., it’s just a matter of time before they’re all gone.

Don’t get me wrong: PH’s work. But there’s a price to pay, and it gets steeper as you get older. I wanted something better not just for me, but for younger guys too who were at much greater risk of crippling their endocrine systems.

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As a guy who is knowledgeable about pro hormones, how would a PH user use Progenadrex? During PCT?

First, I want to make it clear I’ve used many of the most effective PH’s that ever hit the scene. Transdermal 4-Androdiol, 1-AD, Superdrol, and even the infamous Methyl-1test. Point being, I can make the comparison vs. Progenadrex. It is closest to a 4-AD/1-AD stack, in terms of LBM gains, alpha male feeling and muscle fullness.

I think based on the gains we’re seeing (1lb/week with none of it in the waist, intense pumps, intense mind/muscle connection and greater muscle fullness), some guys will forego PH’s altogether. The ones that don’t will find Progenadrex to be the ideal PCT tool to retain gains. Sure, you can recover your natural testosterone production, etc. but at the end of the day – you’re not gaining more muscle. You’re just trying to hang on to the gains you did make on cycle. In other words, you’re playing defense.

Using Progenadrex in PCT will do what no “normal” PCT regimen will: You get to play offense again, and you can imagine how the gains pile up at that point.Like a muscular landslide.


What can users do to optimise their experience of Progenadrex?

Progenadrex will work with any progressive overload scheme and ample H2O/food intake. However, 2 years of testing (both on the product and optimal training protocol) went into it, and the results were very revealing. Long story short; Charles Staley’s Stack 10 and Escalating Density Training fit like a glove with Progenadrex. 2 workouts/week of each (staggered) are recommended, unless recovery is suffering. In that event, 4 workouts over 10 – 12 days is optimal.

No other combination (Loading patterns we use in BP, 5 x 5, 5/3/1, Hypertrophy Specific Training, Partials/Static holds etc) worked nearly as well. This likely goes back to the amount of mechanical overload both approaches use, opening the muscle cell window wide to accept more protein/carbs/good fats post workout.

6 caps prior to training with a liter of water during, along with a generous amount of simple and complex carbs/animal protein post workout is highly recommended. What results is an incredible pump, strength, muscle fullness and mind/muscle connection like no other. Best of all? LBM gains on the order of 1lb/week for 4-8 weeks at a stretch – and NONE of it around your waist. If you’ve been struggling to put on muscle with traditional approaches, guys using Progenadrex are succeeding – where every other product fails.

In closing, I want to thank Fusion Supplements for the high quality raws they provided. The finished product exceeded even my expectations, and they are to be commended for it. A thank you for Predator too, insofar as their wide ranging distribution, superb customer service and new, super-fast shipping to the U.S. They will remain the exclusive distributor of Progenadrex for a long time…

I look forward to seeing what people can accomplish with Progenadrex, as it truly is a breakthrough product….


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