Quantum: The ultimate muscle building all-in-one is back

Most all-in-ones on the market generally fall into one of the two following categories, too high in sugar, or too bland and quite frankly having a rather unpleasant taste. The guys at Hydrapharm knew that they had to make Quantum an exception to these usual predicaments. And that’s exactly what they did!

Quantum’s protein matrix is a blend of the highest quality whey protein and micellar casein protein, which synthesize together to help maintain muscle mass and cause muscle anabolism. And of course as promised, Quantum’s protein blend does not compromise on taste, with Hydrapharm creating delicious realistic flavours that mix to a smooth consistency. And with only using 0.7g of sugar per serving!

But what makes Quantum so unique to other similar products on the market is that it contains additional ingredients that boost power and endurance, and both mental and physical recovery.

Quantum’s Power Complex – Increases your overall power. The different ingredients work together to improve your strength and endurance, as well as helping to increase muscle protein synthesis, lean mass retention, fat loss and reduce overall muscle damage.

Quantum’s Endurance Matrix – These ingredients are geared towards increasing your intra-workout recovery, allowing you to do rep after rep without stopping. They also help to build up resistance to fatigue, so you can train for longer and harder without getting tired.

NEW Quantum Recovery System – The ingredients can be seen to boost overall recovery and performance levels, in particular alleviating muscle pain and muscle and joint recovery, which in effect improves both strength and endurance as you can train again sooner. The ingredients can also be seen to improve sleep quality, which is imperative in order for your body to recover properly after exercise.

NEW Neuro-Cognitive Matrix – This helps combat both physical and mental fatigue, as well as naturally boosting your energy levels to significantly improve both your overall health and sports performance.

Take a look at what people were saying about Quantum V1…

“This is the best by far of any all in one supplement I have used it has positive effects on recovery, strength, endurance and performance.”

“Normally all in ones are just sugar, with some protein and if you are lucky creatine. Quantum is a lot more and you can really tell when taking it: Feel pumped 24-7! , much better recovery, increased strength (added 4 reps in two weeks to the my bench on 105kg from 5 to 9 reps!), tastes good (got chocolate).”

“Great Pumps, recovery and power. Very happy with Quantum. Since using it I have gained strength and muscle size even while reducing my waist size. Pumps are amazing on this if you take two scoops before training and even on one you notice it.”

We received amazing feedback for Quantum V1, and Quantum V2 is even better with its recovery system so you can always perform at your best and neuro-cognitive matrix that ensures that you are both mentally and physically boosted so you are always in the best mind set to reach your goals.

Why bother buying lots of different supplements when you can buy Quantum, the all-in-one that will take your performance to levels that you’ve never been before.

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© 2015, predatornutrition. All rights reserved.

© 2015, predatornutrition. All rights reserved.

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