Flex Lewis Tour at the Predator Nutrition Store

As soon as I stepped into the Predator store I could already feel a slight sense of excitement in the air. The store was all ready and stacked up to the brim with BSN goodies with the BSN crew here to celebrate the launch of the new and improved version of the classic Syntha 6, now called Syntha-6 Edge. Next to arrive were the BSN athletes Zack, Callum and Carly along with their amazing support team to get the day started.

At around 1pm we could already see a small crowd beginning to form around the outside the front of the store. With still 30 minutes until the man himself was due to arrive, the athletes were at hand keeping everyone well refreshed with ice cold servings of the brand new Salted Caramel Syntha-6 Edge and NO Xplode Dragon Fruit flavour! Among the crowd was our lovely group of bloggers who came to try the new BSN products, meet Flex & Carly and find out a bit more about Predator Nutrition! It was a pleasure to chat to you all and I hope you all enjoyed the event and will hopefully see you all again soon!

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Of course this was not just a special day at Predator because of Flex Lewis’ visit, it was also our chance to be the first store ever to showcase BSN’s newest addition to the family, Syntha-6 Edge, a refined, lower in sugar version of the highly popular Syntha-6! And that wasn’t all as we were also repping the brand new NO Xplode dragon fruit limited edition flavour, as well as BSN’s new DNA Series!

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As the time ticked round to 1:30pm, and the crowd became ever larger, I’m sure everyone was thinking the same thing…Where is Flex?

Arriving fashionably late of course (and partially down to delays from the Leeds half marathon) Flex arrived at the store to greet his fans and get on with some serious picture taking and signing.

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However that wasn’t all that was going on around the store, as the True Mass challenge began! Who could hold the monstrous bags of True Mass for the longest for the chance to win the Amino-X victory? With some of our bloggers starting off the competition, we had men and women alike battling it out, all with one thing in mind no pain no gain!

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As the day began to draw to a close and Flex signed his last few autographs and took his last few pictures, we managed to get some time with him to have a chat ourselves. Asking him questions about supplements to motivation (yes watch this space to find out more), we learnt a lot about Flex and it was truly a great experience to meet him.

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Overall a great day, like always it was a pleasure to work with the BSN team. Thank you to all of our lovely bloggers who came, and to everyone who came down and made this day a day for Predator to remember.

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