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Many people assume that supplements are in some way ‘hardcore’ and for bodybuilders only, not for regular exercisers or for athletes. The truth is that there is a huge range of products available that have real benefits for a very broad group of people, from people just trying to stay fit and healthy to competitive professional athletes.

Quest Bars are one such mainstream product and have proved a huge hit with our customers (if you’ve tasted them, you’ll know why). Quest as a company produce high-quality products aimed at a very general audience, and these high protein, high fibre, low sugar bars are their best-selling product. They are popular with dieters because they are filling and suppress hunger pangs, yet remain low in calories and sugar. In the old days, protein bars were pretty revolting, but the taste and quality have improved dramatically in recent years, and Quest put a lot of effort into making exceptionally tasty bars. 

To prove to people that supplements can really benefit them, we gave some sport bloggers a selection of Quest Bars and three weeks’ supplies of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-workout. All of these bloggers were triathletes – lean, tough endurance sportspeople – not exactly the stereotypically steroidal, massive-but-immobile, bodybuilding junkie supplement user. The pre workout, as its name suggests, was to be taken before their training to provide focus, energy and drive. The Quest Bars meanwhile made an ideal post-workout snack, as protein is used to feed muscles and aid recovery after exercise. The bloggers were given three weeks to test their products and see how they got on, then give some feedback via their blogs. Hopefully, their readers will see that ‘supplement’ really needn’t be a dirty word. 

Whether you’re a casual exerciser or a professional athlete, proper nutrition and training should always be the two main pillars on which you build your success. We stress that supplementation alone can never achieve this, there really are no ‘miracle pills’. However, we believe that quality supplements, properly administered, can be of enormous help to supporting you and aiding you in both these areas, whoever you are. Really, it’s why we do what we do.

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