Gyms and Supplement Stores Closing at Alarming Rates

Since Predator Nutrition was founded we have always operated a wholesale business alongside our retail store/online business. As such we have a unique perspective on the industry and one thing we have seen this year is that after years of rosy economic prospects the industry as a whole seems to be struggling like never before. 

Only this week news reached us that one prominent website which established its business based on discounting a wide range of supplements is in big trouble and may not survive for very much longer. While this came as a surprise in their particular instance it follows a trend we have seen before, with a number of retailers, brands and gyms closing this year, seemingly in record numbers.

It is hard to see what all these different businesses have in common but one thing is for sure, with the UK economy going through tough times fitness seems to be lower in priority than ever before for most people.

Three years after the London Olympics failed to trigger a rise in fitness participation despite politicians’ expectations, and with increasing numbers of people struggling to get to the gym or eating healthy diets, what will it take for the fitness industry to bounce back from these tough times?

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