Welcome to the Predator Nutrition blog. Hopefully you’ll find our entries informative, useful and entertaining. The blog will cover a whole range of topics on nutrition, supplements, training and general musings about working in the supplement industry. We will also be inviting industry experts to make some interesting guest posts so please stay tuned for those as well.

We welcome any comments, feedback and suggestions for future blog posts so please do get in touch.

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  1. Good Evening, my name is Neal Broadbent, I have just decided I am going to start a Blog on my Crossfit experience and was wondering whether Predator Nutrition would be interested in using it?
    I am a level 3 advanced Pt, Level 1 S&C coach and level 2 spin/ TRX instructor, and a Head Trainer at a gym called Fitness Mill in Stroud Gloucestershire.

  2. sorry forgot to say I have been doing it for about 3 months and have started a blog earlier this week saying why, how and what got me into crossfit.

    • Hi Neil

      Yes sure we are always welcoming of content submitted by users. The blog is as much a platform for others as it is for us so we would welcome your story. If you email the marketing team on marketing @ predatornutrition . Com they can provide some guidelines if required.

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if you guys have ever heard of a product by Empyrean Nutrition called Insu-Pro. I recently came across it online and was wondering if it was worth getting? Well, keep up the great work guys and I will await your response. Cheers!

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